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Magic: Duels is a free to play video game based on the collectible card game of the same name, first published by Wizards of the Coast in 1993.

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How can Magic: Duels crashes be minimized?

In Magic: Duels, about half of started games crash. When I am playing via Windows 10, Duels will quit, and a "Fatal Error--Unknown Error" or "Runtime Error" dialogue box will appear. What can be done?...
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Can you play Magic: Duels 2HG with 1P/2P vs. AI/AI?

I have a cousin who wants to play 2HG with me but he's downloading Duels for the first time and obviously doesn't have any boosters opened yet, just the starter box, and we don't want to get ...
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What is the fastest way to get the Accelerated Production achievement?

The only method I've seen out there uses Animist Awakening in turn 2 (must get 1 land) and in turn 3 (must get 2+ lands). Basically, if you don't get 2x Animist, 1x Fog, a 7-mana creature and/or lands ...
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Where does Magic Duels store its deck files?

I'm looking to try and create a reader to turn Magic Deck Files into decklists. But my first step is to work out where it stores those files.
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Can you pull more then a play-set (4x) in MTG Duels Origins?

I have not quite figure it out yet, In Magic the Gathering Duels Origins for any console, can One obtain any card in the booster pulls if you already have a play-set of 4x of that card? Because of ...
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Are the foil cards distinguishable (regarding original color) on Magic Duels (MtG)?

I converted a card to foil on Xbox One and the color result wasn't as good as I was expecting. The original card was a green one and the effect made it 'greyish', I don't know if I could ...
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What cards from MTG: Origins are not in Magic Duels?

Magic Duels features most cards from the latest MTG edition, but some are missing. What are those missing cards ?
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How to unlock content in Magic Origins

Magic Origins has a story mode where you play as a planeswalker and earn some gold. I played through the whole first story (all battles, all skill matches) and the other planeswalkers are still ...
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