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a 2014 squad-based role playing platformer by SmashGames. Players create characters and explore randomised generated dungeons, collecting and crafting a variety of weapons and items.

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What is this blue butterfly?

In Magicite in the starting forest biome there is this winged blue thing that hovers around a small grey plant as seen below: I haven't been able to interact with it using any of the three basic ...
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What is the purpose of the spider egg hat?

In Magicite, there is a special hat that you can begin with, which is the spider egg hat. The hat has a 10% chance to spawn a broodmother any time you get hit, but the spawned broodmother is hostile ...
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How do the race traits work?

When selecting a race, they have some specific traits, starting items and stats. Are the stats one time bonus, or are they applied anytime you level up?
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How do you unlock Lizardman

I have been trying for a while now and I haven't been able to find what I need to name my character to unlock the Lizardman on Magicite.
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How do you open gold chests in Magicite?

How do you open gold chests in Magicite? Do you need the lock picking skill or do you need to find a key?
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