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Questions tagged [mario-party]

Mario Party is a virtual board game released on the N64 in 1998 and is the first in the Mario Party series. Use this tag for questions relating to this game only. Questions about mechanics in multiple game or the series as a whole should use the mario-party-series tag

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1 answer

How do you unlock the mini games in mario party?

I have the very first mario party on n64 that I recently just purchased. I forgot how you're supposed to unlock the mini ganes that appear as ???? when you go to purchase them in one of the buildings. ...
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1 answer

Spinning the stick minigames - How to not destroy my palms?

Mario Party 1 is infamous for it's spin the stick as fast as you can Minigames. These minigames have a way to destroy the palm of your hands, and while playing a long game of mario party your hands ...
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It is actually possible for a player to collect 99 Stars in one game?

According to The Cutting Room Floor, if you go to Toad in Mario Party (1) but you already have 99 Stars, he'll deny you the chance to get a 100th. Considering that the longest possible game is 50 ...
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Pipe Maze - Can a player have no chance to get the money?

In the minigame PipeMaze, can a player have no chance, with the maze given, to get any money? This is pipe maze, if you don't know what it is.
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