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Marvel Future Fight can't disable notifications

I have installed Marvel Future Fight v3.2.0 on my Android phone (Xperia Z1). In the Settings, it has a few tabs regarding different types of settings. I intend to disable notifications, so I ...
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How do I figure out all the possible teams in Marvel Future Fight?

In Marvel Future Fight, there is a good selection of Marvel heroes and villains. Some of them will assist each other while teamed up. You can see which ones will assist any particular character by ...
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How do I activate "while tagging" powers?

Several of the leadership powers in Marvel Future Fight activate "while tagging." But the game doesn't say anywhere what Tagging means in this context.
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How can I use other materials to upgrade gear in Marvel Future Fight?

I'm playing Marvel Future Fight for iOS and I am with my heroes at level 18. I have many other materials to perform the upgrade gear but none of them appears in the boxes. eg: I have 6 High Strength ...
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