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How does the ME3: Datapad app calculate readiness?

When you complete a mission in the ME3: Datapad app, how does it calculate your new total? Is the percentage award added to the old total for a new overall readiness percentage? For example, if I ...
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Does Galactic Readiness earned from the Datapad app decay?

Galactic Readiness earned during multiplayer apparently decays at 3% per day. Does the readiness earned using the Mass Effect 3 Datapad app also decay? I haven't noticed any decay in the 3 days I've ...
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How can I get all of the messages in the Datapad?

In the Mass Effect 3 Datapad, messages appear as you progress through Mass Effect 3. Some seem to appear just from progressing through the main quest line, but others seem to depend on sidequests, and ...
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