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Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares is a 4X space strategy game by Microprose

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What are MOO2 ship designs good for defending planets?

Most Master of Orion 2 guides I have seen focus on just a few typical ship designs like: classic beam ship classic hit and run missile carrier classic assault ship with much defense and star troopers ...
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Which stars can I travel to?

Once I select a ship, I can't send to any star, only certain stars. The rule seems to be that I can't travel more than a certain distance from the nearest colony or outpost. Scouts seem to be able to ...
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Tolerant doesn't appear to grant Terran equivalent population cap

In Master of Orion II, if you have/take Tolerant as a racial trait it says that you treat all worlds as Terran for purposes of max population according to the tooltip. This does not seem to be the ...
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Are there stats for the Antaran Hero at the end of Master of Orion II?

When you attack Antares in Master of Orion II, a scan of the Star Fortress in orbit of the planet shows the face of an Antaran. Is this a hero? If so, are his stats and abilities known?
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Can the game be won by the intergalactic council vote in multiplayer?

We've been playing (along with two AI players) for a while now, and the universe gets crowded. Does multiplayer provide the council vote winning option or do we have to eradicate one another (or the ...
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Are there any keyboard hotkeys for any of the commands (clickable buttons) in the Build a Ship Screen?

The Game is Master of Orion 2, any keyboard hotkeys that can be used to assist someone in designing the plans for a spaceship?
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