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a Christmas-themed browser-based clicking game in which you need to save Christmas by making toys and wrapping the presents for delivery to every person in the world

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What are all the Christmas decor items in Merry Clickmas? [duplicate]

Every time I search the internet for what all of the Christmas items on the list in Merry Clickmas, I only find incomplete lists. Right now I have 360% on my current speed - these are the ...
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What should I wish for?

The Christmas tree is asking me to choose a wish. I can choose a multiplier or more wishes. What's the best option?
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What are all the Christmas decorations you can place?

After you get the Reindeer Stables, you can add decorations through a text form to increase production speed. I've added a few decorations myself, but I was wondering what all of them are. I know that ...
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