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Questions tagged [meta-quest-2]

This tag should only be used if the question is about the Meta Quest 2 (formerly the Oculus Quest 2) operating system or hardware, or a game feature truly unique to the Meta Quest 2.

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VR footage is shaky

I've been streaming+recording my HL:Alyx gameplay to friends, and noticed that the footage that OBS gets from the game directly is very shaky. Im using Meta-quest 2 headset connected via steamlink to ...
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Why is the Quest 2 locked at 72 Hz in SteamVR?

When I use Quest Link with SteamVR on my Quest 2, the refresh rate is stuck to 72 Hz. I am using a wired link directly to my PC. Is there a way to change that to 90 Hz or 120 Hz with the Quest 2?
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Why is the minimum age for the Meta Quest platform 10 years old, but many Meta Quest only games are rated "Everyone"?

Why is the minimum age for the Meta Quest platform 10 years old, but many Meta Quest only games are rated "Everyone"? Playstation has a similar situation. Sony says Playstation is for older ...
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Manage two Oculus Quest 2

We had gotten a 64GB Oculus Quest 2 over a year ago. I bought a manufacturer-refurbished 256GB one for a good deal the other day. We may keep them both or might sell the 64GB Quest - depending on how ...
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What are the benefits of using a better hammer in A Township Tale (VR)?

Im very new to A Township Tale, I started learning carpentry and blacksmithing recently, and a random question entered my head while I was making a new axe, what are the benefits of putting in the ...
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If I own Beat Saber on PC, do I need to buy the game again to play the standalone Quest 2 version?

I have Beat Saber on my PC, but I want to play on a Quest 2. I usually use Oculus Link/Air Link to stream the game from my PC, but I want to play on my Quest 2 standalone. Is is possible to get the ...
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Why does Half-life Alyx crash to desktop every few minutes?

Other games are fine, but Alyx crashes to desktop every 10 minutes or so, or sometimes even restarts. At first I couldn't even get past the menu. Googling told me to update the Oculus software on my ...
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What are the USB requirements for using the Quest 2 via USB-C?

Is possible to use a Quest 2 in a PC with a good USB-C to USB-C cable or the Oculus Link Cable, but what are the USB requirements when using it via USB? The USB 3.0+ standard is very confusing so I ...
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Oculus Quest 2 - PC connection

Yesterday I recieved Quest 2 for christmas and I have a few questions. Can I download steam purchased games on Quest 2 To play wirelessly (for example Beat Saber)? Can I boost game performance when I ...
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