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Questions tagged [metal-gear-solid-5-online]

For questions regarding the online multiplayer portion of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Older versions of Metal Gear Online are outside of the scope, as are FOB missions for the main game of MGSV.

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What exactly does the ability Demolition+ affect?

Does it affect stun and sleep grenades? Grenade launchers? Sleep grenade launchers? Sleep mines? Anything else I might be missing?
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Is there anything shared between MGO and MGSVTPP?

In the past two days they opened MGO, and in some tooltips I saw something about resources shared between the multiplayer and the single player. I am sure about the MB coin balance, and I know that ...
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Hosting a match on MGO3

One of the big complaints going around at the moment about Metal Gear Online 3 is the Host disconnect issue in Automatches, which leads to experience points being lost. So my question is whether ...
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How do I fulton an enemy

In Metal Gear Online, is the fulton tied to a specific class? Do I have to unlock and equip a specific support item? I've been standing next to a stunned/sleeping enemy but not seen a prompt to fulton ...
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How does the wormhole generator work in Metal Gear Online?

Typically in a match of MGO I'll get an announcement that the wormhole generator is available. I've found it in my inventory, but haven't been able to get it to work. What does this item do, and how ...
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