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Questions tagged [microsoft-flight-simulator]

A 2020 flying simulation game developed by Asobo Studios and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is available on Windows PC and Xbox Series X/S. Use this tag for the 2020 version of the game, and not the original 1986 version of the same name.

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How to click/press in cursor mode in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on Xbox with Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightstick on Xbox Series X

I discovered that when playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on Xbox Series X, the tech-sensitive pad on the joystick of my Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightstick activates Cursor Mode. Sliding my ...
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Where is "F2" button on an Xbox controller?

On Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, on an Xbox Series X, the first of the flight-training modules teaches how to move the camera and save that view. Then the tutorial orders me to restore the original ...
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Why is there a strange trail behind aircraft during landings, and how do I fix it?

In Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), when any type of aircraft is landing, a strange trail follows the aircraft (see attached picture), and this happens at any airport. Any help or suggestions would ...
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Unable to run Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th

I have a PC with the following specs: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 16-Core Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master DDR5 Corsair Vengeance 5200 MHz 32 GB AMD Radeon RX 6800XT It runs Windows 11 and I installed all the ...
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Why does my trim keep snapping to maximum-up whenever I open the main menu?

Just installed Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), and got a Thrustmaster 16000 HOTAS + rudder pedals. Hopped into the Mount Everest discovery flight to see what calibration I needed to make to the ...
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I blocked internet access for my Xbox Series S and now games don't even start. How-To play offline?

On r/xbox people say you can play games on Xbox Series S without internet (even Game Pass stuff). I have had a different experience. I have blocked internet for Xbox in OpenWrt router and now the ...
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Mouse keeps disappearing, how to fix this?

I don't know why it's happening but when it does I lose control of the plane. Any idea?
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Why won't my initial climb to 500 feet AGL objective register?

When flying in free flight one of the earliest objectives is to stay in line with the runway and to perform the initial climb to 500 feet above ground level. Staying in line with the runway is an easy ...
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MS Flight Simulator thinks there's not enough space to download although there appears to be

I installed MS Flight Simulator 2020, but then realized that I needed to clear out a lot of space. 1 week of deleting later, I finally got the amount of space needed, but Flight Simulator does not ...
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Why does my plane roll so hard?

I started playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and I’ve managed most of the basics now, but there’s still one major problem I’m dealing with. No matter what settings I have my plane will have a ...
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Microsoft Flight Simulator downloads stuck/loop

I'm trying to run MS Flight Simulator in steam and while it is trying to install updates the downloads keep restarting. It will get through a few hundred MB or so and then reset back to the start of ...
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playing with a controller but it shows me the pc controls in the tutorial and i have no idea what to do microsoft flight simulator

I am doing the first tutorial and I can't even get through that. I am using a controller, and it's asking me to do all this camera stuff and it literally won't tell me how to, but instead shows me ...
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Unable to set Tail Number on some aircraft

I've managed to 'permanently' change the Tail Number / Registration number across most of the aircraft in MSFS2020 by editing the aircraft.cfg files and changing the atc_id tag as advised in various ...
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Flight Simulator 2020 - CD needed in order to start the game

I've got the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Standard Edition. I've installed the 10 CD's and it keeps asking for one of the CD's or it won't boot. I searched a lot on the internet and wasn't able ...
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Cannot activate direct-to mode on Garmin GNS 530

In Flight Simulator 2020, when flying the Cessna 172, I click the "direct-to" button on the GNS 530 and enter the airport code. The next step is hitting enter twice to activate, but pressing ...
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How can I check my framerate in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

I finally got Microsoft Flight Simulator to run, and I want to figure out how badly it performs on my computer (the sim informs me every launch that my specs are sub-minimum). How can I check my ...
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M.2 SSD for system or separate gaming drive

I have a spare m.2 Samsung evo ssd. I want to install the new Microsoft flight sim on it. Should I use this SSD for the system drive & install flight sim on there. Or use this ssd as a separate ...
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