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Questions tagged [microsoft-store]

The Microsoft Store, also called the Windows Store, is a store for downloading free or paid apps on Windows devices. It comes with Windows upon installation. Use for questions concerning the store itself and not merely about a game that you got from it (unless the Microsoft Store is of course relevant).

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Will I be forced by the Xbox Store to buy an expensive Ubisoft+ subscription, or is there a way around it?

I was thrilled by the trailer for "Anno 1800" and "The Settlers". I then wanted to buy the game from the Xbox Store, but was very surprised that it costs so much and that Ubisoft+ ...
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Prevent unauthorized purchases from Microsoft Store using Microsoft account "2nd Factor Auth"

My Microsoft account has a credit card worth around 80 Euros. My daughter knows the PIN of my Microsoft account. She is still too young for me to set up her own Microsoft account. I saw by chance that ...
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Now that LoL / Valorant is added to Gamepass, how can I redeem their benefit without installing it from Microsoft store?

Title. If the user is Game pass user, user can receive every champions and agents (Source). Now, it seems to be requiring me to install LoL / Valorant via Microsoft Store. How to Access Your Benefits:...
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Do I have to buy Minecraft from Microsoft Store all over again?

So, I recently just got a new gaming computer but I realized that when I tried to install Minecraft on the new one, it had asked me for money again. Is there any way to transfer the bought Minecraft ...
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What consequences could occur if I made a Microsoft account with fake information for privacy reasons?

I bought an Xbox Series S and was forced to open a Microsoft account. I had to enter Last name First name Date of birth Email address I filled in all the information with false information, except ...
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How to fix killer instinct 2013 (windows 10, windows store) multiplayer service login error?

"multiplayer service log in error unable to log in to multiplayer service please try again " I get the above error message when trying to matchmake or search for a match online on windows 10,...
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If I have Minecraft on mobile can I have the windows 10 edition for free? [duplicate]

Context I have MCPE on mobile and mostly play it on controller. After playing other PC games (like krunker) I thought to start playing on my laptop (main reason is that I am getting a new beefy PC) P....
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Is it possible to use Game Pass for PC in a game-sharing setup?

I have an Xbox Live subscription and am able to log into both the Xbox and Game Pass for PC. I need to ensure that I'm logged into the Microsoft Store with the same credentials as my Xbox account in ...
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Can the save files from the Steam version of Nier Automata be used in the Microsoft Store version?

With the Microsoft Store version of Nier Automata being released, I'm seriously considering getting that version to play after I lost interest in trying to play the Steam version when it stopped ...
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