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Use for Behavior Packs for Minecraft, do not also use the [minecraft-mods] tag for Behavior Packs.

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Enchanting items in a custom crafting recipe

I have a bit of a problem. I would like to make a behavior pack where you can use a custom crafting recipe to craft items with enchantments on them. But I have not found any documentation or any ...
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How to set other player's armor in Minecraft

I'm making an MCBE behavior pack which adds kits via functions (functions are to be executed by command blocks). I want to make it so that the player doesn't have to equip armor; instead, it ...
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Are World Slots in Minecraft Bedrock Realms completely isolated from each other?

Are world slots in Realms for Minecraft Bedrock completely isolated from each other, in that one slot can have a world with achievements enabled and no behavior packs, and another slot has a second ...
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