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Questions tagged [minecraft-equivalent-exchange]

Equivalent Exchange is a mod for Minecraft that is included in the Tekkit and Technic mod packs. It adds alchemy as a key game mechanic.

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0 votes
3 answers

Problems with the EE3 minium stone and the Buildcraft auto-crafting table

When I put a minium stone in an auto-crafting table it won't place in. I am using version 1.5.2. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this, or an alternative mod that can auto-craft things. ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to convert Lapis Lazuli into usefull stuff with EE3?

I'm playing Tekkit Lite with Equivalent Exchange 3, so I'm lacking any EMC values on my items and only can convert using the given recipes and the usage of Minium Stone. Additionally, there are over ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Any way to undo using an alchemical tome?

So, as the title says: I made the foolish mistake of 'using' an alchemical tome, which means I now find it basically impossible to find ANYTHING on my transmutation slab. Is there a data file ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is it worth it to craft the Alchemical Tome?

I have been playing a lot with equivalent exchange the last month or two (seriously, it was mid-August when I started messing with it, and I think I've logged over a hundred hours in there). By this ...
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