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How can a Steam turbine be recovered?

I just broke my Factorization Steam Turbine by mining it with a diamond drill, what is the right tool for that job? I am on Tekkit-Lite.
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How can I move things across dimensions?

I have some barrels with a lot of stuff in them, and I need to move them to my new base in a different Mystcraft Age. I have already tried Portalguns from the Portalgun mod, but they seem to dislike ...
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Macerators and Pulverizers vs Factorization Grinders?

Macerators and pulverizers are pretty easy to use, doubling ore output. Grinders from Factorization seem to produce more, but need a bigger factory setup. At the end of the day, which one produces the ...
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What's so special about bread?

Why is bread highlighted? It's not lit any differently to the other barrels.
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