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How do I speed bridge up on Bedwars?

I'm trying to get good at Bedwars, and one of the main things that is allowing people to get the advantage over me is that they can bridge up faster than I can, thus easily getting the high ground. I'...
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Does S tapping do more knockback than other forms of sprint resetting on Hypixel?

On one of Intel Edits videos, he said that S tapping was incredibly powerful on Bedwars because it does an insane amount of knockback (video time is 2:53). I ...
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What are the disadvantages to Ninja Bridging in Minecraft?

Every time I join a game of Minecraft Hypixel, I always see Ninja Bridging. So, I always wonder, are there any disadvantages to this type of bridging? For those who don't know what Ninja Bridging is:
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Is there any way to automatically assign a slot for items you buy in bed wars?

In bed wars i want my sword in slot 1 and wool in slot 2, but generally my iron and gold goes into slot 2 so i have to move it manually after buying. Is there any way i can have wool automatically go ...
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What are the strategic uses for God bridging?

When I play Hypixel bedwars, I rarely see God bridging. I'm not sure if that's because it's useless or costs too many blocks. So, what are the strategic uses for God Bridging if there are any? For ...
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Is the wolf howl a cosmetic I've equipped?

When I get a kill in Bedwars, I hear a wolf howl, which is really cool. Is this a default sound for kills in Bedwars, or is this a cosmetic I equipped without realizing it? Thanks.