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A mod for Minecraft that improves the electronics of redstone and adds many integrated circuits and machines that interact with blocks. It can be used to make extremely complex systems of pipes and machines used along with circuitry to perform specific tasks automatically.

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How can i improve the performance of redpower frame tubes?

Now that this question was answered and my horizontal redpower quarry is working, i feel it needs improvement because whenever i turn the switch for the 5000+ block breakers, two things happen: a ...
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Prevent tin ingots from stacking in automatic crafting table

I've built a system to manufacture coolant cells for my nuclear reactor using automatic crafting table mkII's. The one that makes the water cells works fine, but the one that makes the empty cells ...
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What does painting tubes do?

Some machines require the RedPower tubes to be colored a certain color. Why is this? For reference: Not Colored Colored
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Transposers/Filters vs. Retrievers?

As the title says, when and where should each one be used? Retrievers are placed next to the input, whereas Transposers or Filters are placed next to the output. In which setting would I use them?
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Why isn't my buffer working?

I'm sorting items into barrels. Since items are coming from BC pipes, sometimes two barrels would be allocated the same thing, so I put in a buffer, however the whole thing has stopped flowing. Before ...
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How can I get rid of rubber trees in Redpower?

I'm playing with the Redpower mod and spawned near a village. After helping it grow, I've run into a problem where some rubber trees are blocking building space (in addition to looking ugly). There ...
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