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Resource packs are used to change the textures, sounds, translations and more, without needing to modify the game's internal files. Formerly known as "texture packs". Should always be tagged with [minecraft-bedrock-edition], [minecraft-java-edition], or [minecraft-legacy-console]. Include details about the issue you're having and what you've tried so far to solve it.

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3 votes
1 answer

Add sounds to a resource pack, not replace them

I already know that you can have custom sounds in Minecraft by replacing the original sound effects using a resource pack, but that's not exactly what I want. I tried that already and it worked, but I ...
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If I remove Minecraft sound files from .minecraft/assets/objects, will Minecraft be unable to play them?

In Minecraft, there are a lot of cool sounds. I decided to find there location and move them to my desktop. I have Ubuntu, and if when I remove them from that folder will Minecraft be unable to play ...
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If I'm adding sounds on resource packs where should sound.json go?

{ "ak47_shot": { "sounds": [ { "name": "custom/ak47_shot" } ] }, "ak47_reload": { ...
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6 votes
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How do I fix lighting glitches that appear on custom block models in minecraft?

I made a custom model for diamond ore and applied it to a resource pack. However, when I applied said resource pack in-game and placed blocks around the diamond ore certain sides of the diamond ore ...
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CTM Not working?

Following a previous (admittedly old) question's answer, I remade a connected textures pack for stone slabs, after my hard drive was wiped. The issue arising is that only the bottom and top of the ...
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