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2 answers

What is the best way to generate RF in SkyFactory 4?

what do you usually use to power your RF Machines in SkyFactory 4? I use the Simple Generators Mod but is there much more efficient than Simple Generators in consuming fuel to produce RF?
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4 votes
2 answers

How do I remove the Bouncy Creepers mod from SkyFactory 4 without breaking hostile mob spawning?

I started a SkyFactory 4 modded world but now want to get rid of the bouncy creepers mod. However, simply going to the /mods folder and removing the BouncyCreepers-0.0.4.jar file will permanently ...
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1 answer

Minecraft Constructs Armory mod - Recover from Parasitic modifier

(Playing Sky Factory 4, if that matters) I made a set of armor using the Construct Armory, a Tinkers' sub-mod. I thought that the Parasitic modifier would be good to put on my armor to keep it from ...
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2 answers

What can I do if I have no saplings?

I scared myself earlier playing the SkyFactory mod. I used my saplings to make dirt, but then realised I didn't have any saplings to grow trees with. Luckily I had seeds to make more trees, but if I ...
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