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Questions tagged [minecraft-thermal-expansion]

Thermal Expansion is a Minecraft mod which adds advanced industrialization elements into the game. Recent versions of it introduce Redstone Flux, which is its own energy unit.

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Are GC aluminum wires better than leadstone (and better fluxducts)?

In modded minecraft, the mod galaticraft adds aluminum wires. I do not have industrial craft 2 installed, and if you have that mod installed, it makes the wires bad (check the GC wiki). I have the mod ...
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2 answers

Receiving tesseract does not interact with build-craft transport pipes

Almost on every tutorial video, I watched about Thermal Expansion tesseracts, receiving one can output items to build craft transport pipes (gold or stone). The thing is I use Thermal Expansion 3.0.0....
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Macerators and Pulverizers vs Factorization Grinders?

Macerators and pulverizers are pretty easy to use, doubling ore output. Grinders from Factorization seem to produce more, but need a bigger factory setup. At the end of the day, which one produces the ...
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How to turn off a TE Redstone Energy Cell if there is no load?

A Redstone Energy Cell (from Thermal Expansion) continuously emits energy according to the rate set in its GUI as long as it contains MJ. If the Buildcraft machines connected to the energy network ...
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