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Questions tagged [minecraft-tinkers-construct]

A mod for Minecraft that totally changes the crafting of tools and weapons, meaning instead of having a specific crafting recipe the tool is built part-by-part. Only for questions specifically about aspects of the Tinkers' construct mod.

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How can you disable the crafting of certain tool types in Tinker's Construct?

I am using Tinker's construct for minecraft 1.7.10. I was wondering if there is any way to disable crafting of tools with certain materials, particularly wooden tools. I have checked the config file, ...
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Tinkers Construct Mod Not Making Casts in Smeltery

I am playing on Tinkers Construct in mincraft 1.5.2 because some of my other mods are not supported past that. I have correctly set up the smeltery and am trying to make part cast so I can make tools ...
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