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Questions tagged [minecraft-voltz]

A modpack for minecraft that includes "science-y" mods such as atomic science and more explosives. It is found on the technic launcher.

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Minecraft Voltz Server Slow when linked with Domain

I have Voltz Server on my Ubuntu Server that can be accessed using both a domain name that is linked to my Public IP address and my actual IP Address. For some odd reason, when I want to connect to my ...
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Abnormally high CPU use and lag spikes in Voltz [closed]

When I play Voltz, I get huge CPU usage - the process javaw.exe uses up to and including 90 CPU in the lag spikes. I only recently started playing Voltz, after having played Tekkit an awful lot. ...
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What is the maximum range of an ICBM in Voltz?

I'd like to know what the maximum possible range is for any ICBM in the Voltz modpack for Minecraft. Thanks EDIT: Seems to be about 200 blocks, but I don't know if this is extendable somehow or not.
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