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a 2009 third-person action-adventure by IO Interactive. Players can play as six Mini Ninja characters, each with their own unique abilities, weapons and skills.

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How do I save in Mini Ninjas?

I'm trying to save, but I can't find the "save" button. Where exactly is the save button?
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In mini-ninja how do you fish?

I'm playing mini-ninja on my pc. I was sailing on the ninja hat boat and successfully caught my first fish. However, when I tried catching again I am unable to do so. when I'm trying to fish again he ...
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Now You See Me ... Trophy / Achievement

What is the best method to grind out this trophy? Can I kill a bunch of guys while under stealth and then restart at a checkpoint to repeat the process - or will I lose my kill count doing that? Do ...
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Stop! Futo Time! Trophy / Achievement

I complete the game and this trophy did not pop. I'm wondering if I can just go back to each level on a replay, kill something with Futo, and then exit. Will that count towards getting a kill in ...
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Is Detect Kuji Shrines actually useful?

I have been playing Mini Ninjas, and acquired the "Detect Kuji Shrine" spell. I tried to use it, but found that the little fireflies/yellow flying sparkly things that it creates move too quickly to ...
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