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A top-down stealth action game for XBox 360, PC and Mac. Players take control of one of eight specialist thieves through a series of heists in the titular city. Supports co-op play with up to four players via XBox Live or Steam (PC/Mac version), or local multiplayer on XBox 360.

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Steam fails to download the missing ._.DS_Store file for Monaco

The other day I was trying to download Monaco, which I wanted to play with some friends. However it would result in an unusual error, the likes of which I could not find on the internet (Or I missed ...
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Which things will change between playthroughs of the same level?

I've noticed that the wall outlets (the things hackers can use to get a virus) are at different places every time a level is started. This got me wondering, what other things can be different between ...
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How to have two players on one keyboard in Monaco?

I've found a thread that explains how to do it. It involves simply downloading a couple of files, placing them in the appropriate folder and running the game. However, I can't make it work on Linux. ...
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In order to get the Massacre achievement, do you need to kill all civilians as well?

The description for the Massacre achievement for Monaco on Steam says Kill everyone on a single mission On some missions, there are civilians as well as guards that you can kill. Now I know you ...
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How can I force a language to be used?

I use Steam in Finnish and have selected Finnish under Monaco's properties in Steam, but the game still uses English. Is there a command line parameter or something to force the game's language?
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What does sneaking accomplish?

Sneaking by holding the left-shift causes your character to be less detectable. How does this differ from moving or standing normally? Under what circumstances does sneaking prevent you from being ...
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Where are the easter eggs located in Monaco?

I came accross two or maybe three of the game's easter egg, playing the Mole and digging in some maps' regions. Are there others? Are there other ways to find easter eggs than digging? Where are ...
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How does one obtain the Z Trophy?

I know how to get all trophies except the trophy labelled 'Z'. I have no idea how to get it and I haven't found even a mention of it anywhere online.
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How do I earn the hidden achievement "Play it again Sam"?

The Achievement wiki page states "Play all three parts on the piano all the way through." What does this mean, and how do I obtain this achievement?
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What's the criteria to earn the health trophy?

Each level has four trophies you can earn. There's only one trophy that I haven't determined the exact criteria for: 1P: Complete the mission single player, or by yourself MP: Complete the mission ...
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How do I play Monaco with friends?

I see no obvious way to play Monaco with friends, but surely that must be an available option in a coop game that uses Steamworks?
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2 answers

If multiple players perform the same action, does it go faster?

When performing an action such as opening a safe or disabling an alarm, does it take less time when multiple players are involved?
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Does Pierre stay dead if I kill him?

Throughout most levels, you may come across a guard named Pierre who is writing a message to his mother (or in one of them, a girl writing to a friend about how all this guy Pierre can talk about is ...
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Using special abilities?

The special abilities of the Locksmith, Cleaner, and Pickpocket are fairly straightforward and easy to use. Locksmith simply gains faster picking speed and the Cleaner just knocks out any unsuspecting ...
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