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Questions tagged [monster-hunter-rise]

a 2021 action role-playing videogame in the Monster Hunter series developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch. An expansion pack, Sunbreak, was released in June 2022.

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I'm struggling to find better weapon upgrades than my starter gear in Monster Hunter Rise; what am I missing?

I've been playing Monster Hunter Rise for the last few days. Generally, that game gives me a lot of fun; however, I feel that I don't get the rules. The most interesting are, for me, weapons and their ...
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How do I acquire Outfit Vouchers?

Outfit Vouchers are used to craft layered armour, and you require a lot of them to craft layered versions of the higher tiered armor. Fugen the Elder gives you 3 of them, but how do I acquire more? I'...
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How do I end the forced camera angle when the monster is successfully hunted?

Whenever a monster is either killed or captured (or repelled), there's a forced camera angle spin around the defeated monster. In previous games, this was skippable through pressing either the ...
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What's the fastest way to level up buddies without bringing them on quests?

Palicoes and palamutes (aka buddies) are used for a variety of things, including trading via the Argosy. There are several skill for buddies to use when trading, but they all have a level requirement....
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Is there any reason to use the Switch Axe's axe mode in MH: Rise?

Is there any other reason to use the Switch Axe's axe mode? Normally, the Switch Axe's axe mode would be used to refill your switch meter, which you need to have up to use sword mode. However, this ...
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Is Falling Bash actually better than Jump Slash for mounting?

Mounting a monster has undergone a major revamp in MONSTER HUNTER RISE, and so has the Sword and Shield's moveset. In it, Falling Bash is now treated as an aerial move and can be used to mount a ...
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