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Is there a way to play multiplayer on MK11?

For example, could I play Co-Op on Mk11? Let's say my friend and I wanted to play together on one console with many controllers. Could we work together on a tag team or something? If there is how do ...
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What does the "first hit props" message do?

In Mk11, when one character hits another with an attack, being the first one, it gives a message saying "first hit props". Does this have any benefit to the player?
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Why is Story mode not available on MK11

I am trying to unlock the character Frost, but when I go to story mode on Mk11 it is blurred out in red. My question, 1. If I uninstall the game and redownload all the packages will it work? 2. If I ...
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On PS4 Pro, enabling HDR in game (MK11 or SOTTR) seems to actually "disable" HDR

I have a PS4 Pro, and a 4K HDR Sony Bravia KD-85X8500G. After installing SOTTR, I noticed that enabling HDR "in game" makes the image a lot more pale and makes the blacks turn into grey. With the HDR ...
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Getting past the second stage of the gauntlet

So I've moved past the tutorial stage on the main gauntlet in the towers of time and now am on the second level with Cassie and Jackie. I've done plenty of other towers in the meantime thinking my ...
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What's the most efficient way to grind for coins?

Most of the customisation items for characters are locked away in the Krypt mode, which requires you to spend coins to open boxes that contain random items. The boxes with the better items are much ...
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Can two players play Mortal Kombat 11 using single pair of joycon?

A lot of games for Nintendo Switch are supporting hotseat for two players using a single joycon each. Now that Mortal Kombat 11 is released on Nintendo Switch, I wonder if game supports hotseat in ...
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What is paid subscription needed for in Mortal Kombat 11?

This recent beta trailer for upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 has a line in the fine print: Paid subscription required for online matchmaking (sold separately). I don't understand what it means. Which ...
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