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A mobile version of Mortal Kombat X released on May 4, 2015. Use this tag for the iOS/Android version of the game only.

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Play older versions of game when a new version is required

I downloaded and installed Mortal Kombat 2.4.0 on Android. When trying to play the game I receive this message: I notice that a new version 2.4.1 is available for Android. Now the question is how can ...
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Failing to login to WBPlay from iOS device

I have account on WBPlay, which works when logging in from Android (all data that is in cloud copies to my local device). But when I log in to it from iOS it tells me that "There is no corresponding ...
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Are Mortal Kombat X for PC and android different games?

I am playing Mortal Kombat X on Android, but feel that it has very few characters (only 56). I don't have it on PC and have never played it, but from youtube gameplay videos, it looks different. How ...
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How do I earn new cards in Mortal Kombat X?

I just downloaded Mortal Kombat X on my android and have been playing it for a couple hours. Checked youtube for gameplays too. But I need to ask some questions regarding this game. What I have not ...
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