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For questions related to games running on MS-DOS, a family of text-based operating systems for IBM PCs and compatibles of the 1980s and 1990s

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What game is Internet Archive using to represent their MS-DOS collection?

On the Internet Archive's news blog, they use the following screenshot to represent MS-DOS gaming: What game is this from? TinEye and Google Images only return the page as a result.
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Is Fable (1996) connected in any way to the Fable franchise from Lionhead Studios?

I'm a big fan of the Fable games, have played them all on Xbox 360, and recently discovered the DOS game by the same name. I just started playing it and am wondering if it's at all connected to the ...
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How can I launch a modern game with DOSBox

So I want to know if there is a way to launch a modern game or a modern game Setup (my case, StarCraft-ll), with DOSBox. I mean that if I mount a directory with starcraft-ll setup, can I launch it ...
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Which DOS game do these sprites of a little character and dragon come from?

There's a character and a dragon-creature. I'm wondering which game these images are from.
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Running MS-DOS games with long file names under DOSBox

I'm trying to play a DOS game under DOSBox that uses long filenames. Here's the ISO as seen from macOS: The ISO as imgmounted inside DOSBox: I'm trying to start install.bat but I can't figure out ...
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Running DOOM and DOOM 2 with DOS

Does anybody know how to install DOOM I and II in MS-DOS 6.22? I already have DOS installed on a windows millennium computer, and DOOM I and II on floppy disks. Anybody have an idea?
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Which MS-DOS game is this screenshot from?

From: This looks so familiar, but other than screenshot and the fact it is a DOS game, I have no other hints. Any ideas? The ...
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Identify this game: breaking into a museum to restore exhibits, ran on a Mac

So, I'm looking for a game that involves breaking into a museum, it is a point-and-click adventure. I remember playing it on the old Macs, the ones that had different color cases and a really old OS. ...
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