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Are there cumulative benefits to raising stamina early on in MU Online?

If I add 10 points to stamina at level 1 or at level 100, will there be a difference in the amount of HP?
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Are there any online games, specially MMOs, with prohibition for account sharing? And how do they manage it? [closed]

I play a Mu Online server where we used to have a prohibition against people sharing their accounts (so I couldn't login into a friend's account to increase my power in a given event). Recently the ...
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Global Mu Online "The game client is loaded only through the official website"

When I start the game through the official website I get the follow error: "The game is loaded only through the official Website" even thought I'm starting from the official website. When I click "...
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Mu Online level up guide

Can anyone provide a good level up guide comprising each class in Mu Online ? What I want is basically a table relating level to training spots or strategies. I am using free servers, not paying for ...
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