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Questions tagged [my-boy]

a full-featured GBA emulator for Android devices. Use this tag for questions regarding the My Boy! emulator, it's features, or issues specific to the emulator itself. For questions about the game you are playing, please use the specific game's tag instead.

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How to load a GBA emulator save state on a new phone on My Boy!

I got a new phone and now my emulator can't find, let alone read, the st0, st1, etc. save states I had. I synced my save states to Google drive and redownloaded them onto my new phone in the same file ...
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Can't load old game in My Boy Premium (Emulator save)

I am facing an issue in My Boy emulator (PREMIUM) to load my last save (Emulator save). I was playing Pokemon Fire Red in My Boy Emulator and after some time I saved the game with the emulator save (...
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Can I transfer my save file from a different emulator to My Boy?

I have an emulator on my phone (Redmi), and I was playing Pokemon Fire Red. However, I now want to transfer my progress over to the 'My Boy!' emulator. Is this possible? As far as I can tell, the ...
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Can I import and use MyBoy emulator's saves on the Bittboy PocketGo?

I have used MyBoy's Link Local feature to trade all 3 starters on one Pokemon Emerald save. Now I would like to move that save into the Bittboy PocketGo and continue playing there. Is this possible?
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Renaming a save file reverts the save to an older one in MyBoy! emulator?

I have FireRed and LeafGreen on MyBoy! and am trying to manage my .sav files. I changed the filename of both the .zip file and the .sav file to clean them up (they had long and unwieldy names from ...
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MyBoy! GBA stops/freezes when I load games?

The MyBoy! emulator sometimes stops working for no reason. Most of the time I ignore this, and just load my game, but this time I was playing Pokemon Emerald on the emulator, I was at the Battle ...
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How to convert a MyBoy save file to a No$GBA save file?

I am playing Pokemon Ruby with my phone using MyBoy Premium, and I want to continue to play using No$GBA using my computer. The save file's format is .sav, and I think I have to convert it to .sna. ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How can I transfer MyBoy game saves from one phone to another?

I got a new phone and I wanted to transfer the save files from my old phone to my new one. Both my phones have Android. Is there any way I could transfer the saves?
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The free version of My Boy! emulator won't let me continue from my last save?

I've been playing Pokemon Emerald for a couple of days using 'My Boy! Free - GBA Emulator' (found on the Google Play store). I was saving a "quick" save in the emulator screen and also ...
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Lost saved game on the MyBoy GBA emulator?

For a couple of days I was playing Pokemon Ruby on the "MyBoy!" Gameboy Advance emulator on Android and I progressed very far on that game. But today day as I load the game, it displays an option of ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can I recover a save on MyBoy! Free?

I was just about to start playing my Pokemon Platinum game on My Boy! Free on my android, when I accidentally overwrote my save with the title screen. Is there any way of getting back my previous save?...
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1 answer

Will my saves carry over if I purchase My Boy! Premium?

I have the free version of the 'My Boy!' GBA emulator for Android. If I were to get the full version would I still be able to carry the saved game files from the free version to the full version? I'm ...
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Where can I find My Boy! .sav files after running multiple instances?

I'm using the android emulator My Boy to play Pokemon Fire Red. There is an option to run multiple instances of the same game, and link with yourself. I used this option, but it looks like I saved a ...
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Linking emulator on different platform

I am wondering whether is it possible to link an emulator on Android (myBoy!) to an emulator on iOS (gba4ios) since both emulators do provide a linking feature. I have never owned an iPhone before ...
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How do I load downloaded save files?

I have the GBA emulator "My Boy!" (full version) for Android, and I am playing Pokemon Leaf Green. I downloaded some save files from and would like to know how to use them with the ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Why can't I load my saved game in My Boy Free?

I was playing Pokemon Fire Red in My Boy Free on Android. I saved the game, then when I get back on my game I click Loading State and it says you need to buy the premium My Boy Free to load your saved ...
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3 answers

How do I load saved states on MyBoy Emulator (Android)?

I was playing and saving Pokémon Emerald on Android in Myboy Emulator using the in-game menu, but now I cannot figure out how to load that previous session. There is no load option in any menu. I ...
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How can I get cheats working on the My Boy! emulator?

Are cheats available on the free version of "My Boy!", a GBA emulator for Android? I have pokemon light platinum and wanted to use some cheats. Through extreme trial and error I haven't been able to ...
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