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Questions tagged [myst-series]

A graphical adventure puzzle series known for its immersion and point-and-click puzzles, the first title debuted in 1993, and was developed by Cyan, Inc. This tag should be used in context of the actual series, or uncertainty on the continuity of multiple titles.

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How do I tell whether EAX works in Uru: Complete Chronicles?

After following the guide in PCGamingWiki to enable EAX in Uru: Complete Chronicles (GOG edition) and adding DSOAL to the game folder I can still not hear any difference in game. Since I've never ...
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Why do the prison ages differ in Myst IV: Revelation compared to Myst and Riven?

In Myst, players quickly discover that the brothers Sirrus and Achenar are trapped in books, and they can see and communicate with the player through the book: I vaguely recall these being referred ...
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What ages are in Uru: Complete Chronicle and not in Myst Onlive: Uru Live?

I've just started playing Uru: Complete Chronicle. I've not yet solved any of the main ages, but I also started Uru Live, which also got these ages. So id did them in Uru Live (well, except these damn ...
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How do I count in Myst?

So, I'm currently playing Myst V: End of Ages, and I've found quite a few D'ni numbers around. I know I've seen them in Riven, but I can't find my notes from then, and can't find a way to translate ...
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What happened to the book of Earth?

I've recently been replaying the Myst series of games, and realized that the D'ni were actually supposed to be in a cavern on Earth. My understanding of the lore is that the original D'ni escaped to ...
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36 votes
6 answers

Myst: Masterpiece Edition VS realMyst

Hi guys since this weekend I can get those games with a discount (only 3 bucks each!) I'm going to buy one of them. Now, I'm new to the Myst saga. What significant differences are there between ...
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Do people from different Ages have a single common origin?

Throughout the Myst games and novels, various Ages have indigenous humans (or human-like people). I'm wondering if there is a canonical explanation for this. Was there an original human population ...
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