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Questions tagged [naruto-ultimate-ninja]

The first installment in the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series. Exclusive to Japan from 2003 to 2006, is it now a Greatest Hits. Use this tag only for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (the first game in the series).

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How can I use items displayed in the bottom-left on PC?

I am playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst. As you know, this is is part of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and it was on Xbox 360 and mine is PC version but still their key setting are same ...
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Naruto Ultimate Ninja FINAL endings?

Okay, so I have just finished all the Scenario's for each character, and done every Practice - A-Rank Mission in Naruto Ultimate Ninja (the first one), and got to the S-Rank missions.... that's when I ...
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What does it mean to use Substitution Jutsu?

I'm stuck on the the mission "Sakura's Training" (C-rank I think) where one of the conditions is to use the Substitution Jutsu more than 6 times. What does it mean by that? Does it mean use the item ...
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How to beat second and third practice mission?

On the second and third "practice" missions in Naruto Ultimate Ninja, you have to beat the opponent and then collect a certain item (in the second mission it is the "Special Ninja Tools" and in the ...
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