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Questions tagged [need-for-speed-rivals]

A 2013 open world racing game developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Use this tag for any version of the game.

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Is it natural that cops attack another cop?

I am playing the latest version of Need For Speed Rivals on my PS4. I have been playing offline as a cop and was chasing down a racer, then another cop joined in and hit me, while he was supposed to ...
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Does changing career delete progress on the D career?

In Need for Speed Rivals, I have not tried changing careers, as I am worried I will lose my progress, considering I have a Lamborghini vendor. The reason I want to know is that I would like to have ...
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Need for Speed Rivals (PC) Buggy Audio

I've started playing Need for Speed Rivals. I love the concept of the game, but have ran into a very annoying bug! Game sounds effects, such as N20, Crashing, Police Sirens, and various other effects,...
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Split screen racers - Do any have local MP?

Does NFS - rivals, GRiD 2 or Forza Horizons 2 have split screen local multiplayer?
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2 answers

Sunset Tunnel - Event Abandoned

When playing the Sunset Tunnel race, I invariably get booted from the race with an "Event Abandoned" message in the middle of my screen, despite the fact that I am usually in the middle of the pack at ...
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Could some AI Racers be Undercover cops?

In NFS Rivals, as a cop, I can choose an undercover car that resembles those of the racers. While playing as a racer myself (especially offline), I've often wondered if any of the AI racers that I ...
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The QR codes in ‘Need for Speed: Rivals’

There are tons of QR codes on cars, locations, videos, and elsewhere in the world of Need for Speed: Rivals. The QR codes are always in twisted perspectives that no app on my devices can scan them. ...
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How can I do a 300-yard drift?

My current racer Speedlist (rank 18 "Drive") tells me to perform a single drift of at least 300 yards in length. However, I can't seem to find any good spots in the world to do it. A Google search ...
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