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Questions tagged [need-for-speed-underground-2]

Need for Speed: Underground 2, the 8th installment of the Need for Speed series and direct sequel to Need for Speed: Underground

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Does the game auto-selects the tuning profile in NFSU2?

In Need for Speed Underground 2, one can tune the car's characteristics. But upon entering the tuning screen, one needs to choose among several 'profiles', i.e., Circuit, Drag, Drift, StreetX, and URL....
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8 votes
1 answer

No new races appearing in Need For Speed: Underground 2

I'm playing NFS: U2 in story mode, and I finished all the races provided by the game, but no new ones are appearing! What can I do now?
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6 votes
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Do body customization parts affect performance in any way?

There's no indication that they do, but do parts from the body shop such as spoilers and carbon fiber replacements affect the handling of the car? It seems logical that they would.
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