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A platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS.

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Which minigames did Super Mario 64 DS have that weren't in New Super Mario Bros?

Many of the minigames from Super Mario 64 DS were reused in the original New Super Mario Bros. However, SiloHawk's review of SM64DS mentions that SM64DS had more minigames than NSMB. What minigames ...
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New Super mario, How do you get past world 8 tower with mini sized Mario?

I have reached the World 8 Tower with micro sized Mario but am not able to kill the last monster that throws tortoise shells. With normal sized Mario we could just throw back the shells to kill it. ...
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How do you unlock the cannon in World 3?

How do you unlock the cannon in World 3 in New Mario Super Bros. DS? All I need to know is which level and where in that level. Any help will be appreciated! :-)
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How can I be mega Mario/Luigi on the world map?

In New Super Mario Bros., how can I complete a level as "mega" Mario/Luigi, and stay "mega"? I think I've seen a video of someone doing that.
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How can I get a bunch of 1-UPs in New Super Mario Bros(DS)?

I need to rack up a bunch of free lives in New Super Mario Bros (Nintendo DS). What is the fastest technique to get a bunch of 1ups / free lives? (Will the staircase + koopa trick work in NSMB? ...
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What other multiplayer games/options are available when I have a second copy of New Super Mario Bros.?

My kids like to play the Minigames with each other on their Nintendo DSes. If I were to buy a second copy of the game (rather than them sharing one game between them), would there be any benefits or ...
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