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A 2012 side-scrolling platformer, developed by Nintendo for the Wii U. It is the 4th game in the New Super Mario Bros. series which features a co-operative story mode with classic Super Mario Bros. gameplay.

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What are the stats or strengths and weaknesses of Mario, Luigi, and Toad?

In New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for Nintendo Switch, what are each character's stats, or, what are the differences between Mario, Luigi and Toad? For example, it's often common to Mario games that ...
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Why is New Super Mario Bros. U not starting?

I am trying to play new Super Mario Bros. U on my Wii U and it shows the game but when I click on it, it shows a forever loop of the loading screen. Can anyone help me?
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Getting enemies / mushroom houses to reappear on the world map

On World 1 - Acorn Plains, there's a Piranha Plant that appears on the world map. He goes in and out of his pipe. If you beat him he disappears. In the course of me playing the game I've observed ...
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Alternative to restarting Super Mario Bros Wii U

I am playing Super Mario Bros Wii U. When I perform badly on a level, and perhaps loose whatever power up I may have, I find it necessary to quit, and restart from the previous good save state. This ...
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Can you have more than three game files on Mario Bros. Wii U?

I have more than three kids and they all want to play. How can I have more than three savegames, so that they can all play the game?
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How do I unlock new boost rush levels?

How do I unlock the other boost rush levels as there are yellow boxes where I assume that other level packs should go. Anyone know how to get them?