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Questions tagged [nintendo-dsi]

This is for questions regarding the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL versions. DO NOT use this tag for questions regarding any other Nintendo DS/3DS unit.

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1 answer

How many types of charging ports do Nintendo handhelds have?

I'm sorting through my old Nintendo handhelds and have found that many of them use different charging cables. I've seen at least four different types: Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite Nintendo DSi ...
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How to install the R4 software for a DSi?

I tried to install the R4 operative system from following tutorials from several pages and it still doesn't work; when I insert the R4 with the Micro SD on the DSi, ...
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Did not working after year and a half

I just found my DSi and I’m trying to charge it, but it is not turning on nor is the light coming up to show it's charging. Can anyone help? I need it ASAP, as I was going to take it away with me on ...
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How to film from a Nintendo DSi

Similar question, but is for Nintendo DS, not DSi My first search found this but half of the links no longer exist or are out of stock and then the rest don't appear to support DSi. To clarify, I am ...
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How can I backup NDS .sav files to my computer?

I'm looking to extract the .sav files of certain NDS games (Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Ranger, LOZ: Phantom Hourglass, LOZ: Spirit Tracks, and a few others) for which I'm using the ...
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How do I recover and/or delete a game on 3DS?

I have two 3DS's and they both have Four Swords Anniversary Edition on them. The one that I used the most had some buttons stop working so I decided to transfer my system to the other one so I could ...
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My DSi goes blank after the health and safety message - How can I fix it?

My Nintendo DSI is not working. When I try to turn it on, the health and safety screen comes on for a second and then the screen goes black, even though the power and Wi-Fi light are still on. I ...
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How do I connect my copy GTA Chinatown Wars with Rockstar Social Club?

I've tried and tried, and now I just get the following screen: (Note the lack of a "Friend Code", even though it was entered.) The game itself says my stats have been synced fine. It's been months ...
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What hardware (flash cartridge) is necessary for Nintendo DSi Homebrew?

What hardware do I need to install Homebrew on Nintendo DSi? To be more precise, what do I need to ask if I go to a IT shop? Are they likely to have it in any IT shop? Any gaming shop? If not, what ...
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Do all Pokemon B/W Wifi features work with WPA2?

I've learned that original (and Lite) Nintendo DS systems do not support WPA/WPA2 Wifi encryption, but the newer hardware (DSi, 3DS) does. I've also learned that this only applies to newer games, and ...
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Does the EU release of Pokemon Black / White work in a NA DSi?

The Japanese version of Pokemon Black & White does not work on North American DSi systems. But But the Australian version of it works on a Japanese 3DS. Does anyone know if the European ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Nintendo DSi SD card

I'm a little bit confused - I see (here for example) special Nintendo DSi SDHC cards. My question is if there is really any difference between these NDSi cards and a regular SDHC cards? Can I use a ...
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Charging Nintendo DSi XL from USB/5V

My new Nintendo DSi XL arrived with a 4.3V US wall charger. Soon, we will be on a vacation abroad and I need a solution for charging it where the outlet voltage is 220V. Before trying the USB port of ...
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Can I hide the "Format System Memory" option on the DSi?

On a Nintendo DSi there's an option to completely format the system memory. It's accessed from configuration > format system memory and is so easy to select that even a 3-year-old could do it (and did!...
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How do you protect a Nintendo DSi from a 4 year old?

My mother-in-law is planning on buying my 4 year old a Nintendo DSi for Christmas this year. I haven't ever used one or even played one and was wondering if it is durable enough to handle a typical 4 ...
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