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A 1994 PC MS-DOS fighting video game that pits giant robots against each other, in a one-on-one combat tournament along five futuristic and full of hazards arenas.

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Is there a way to add extra colors in-game?

Is there a way to use other colors like the robots that are in the tournament? There's no green color to set in my robot, perhaps there's a way to trick the savefile into that, enable it through the ...
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Will I lose the enhancements if I trade my robot?

I have an enhancement level 1 for Jaguar. If I trade my robot for any of the robots available, what happens to the enhancements that I won for my robot? Do I have to win those again?
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How to fix gamepad problem with DOSBox-ed One Must Fall 2097?

Recently I played an excellent, 1994 now-freeware fighting game, One Must Fall 2097. The game works wonderfully under DOSBox, with fully supported sound and gamepad control, which I personally prefer ...
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