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2 answers

Can people cheat at Onlive Homefront?

I recently purchased and started playing Homefront for Onlive. I noticed a lot of suspicious things, such as: head shots from across the world instant perfect aiming people with 3x the score of ...
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1 answer

Is there a way to backup OnLive data for use on a PC?

I expect the answer to be no but, I'm asking just in case I'm wrong. One case that I can see such a thing being useful would be if a person were to be away from an OnLive worthy Internet connection ...
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How can I replay more destruction in Red Faction Guerilla?

I enjoyed playing through the story in Red Faction Guerilla back when it came out but now I'm mostly interested in going back and just laying waste to buildings with explosives and the nanorifle. The ...
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7 votes
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How well does OnLive work?

I recently came across OnLive which appears to be a way to play games basically using remote desktop type services. Has anyone had a chance to play with this system in their Beta? How good is the ...
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