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Questions tagged [outlast]

Outlast is a survival horror game that has a strong focus on surviving, and avoiding fights.

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How to climb up when hanging in the Female Ward chapter?

I am in the part where you have to hang down from some broken planks and move sideways, hand by hand. That itself wasn't explained in the game, I found out by accident that this is even possible. ...
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Is Outlast 2 a Prequel or a Sequel?

I've been searching around and I have found one answer which is "it's in the same universe" so that shows that it could either be a prequel or a sequel.
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3 votes
0 answers

Screen shakes/rubberbands on fullscreen

I'm having a weird problem playing the game Outlast on fullscreen. It's not exactly low fps, not exactly screen tearing, and not exacting stuttering. Rather it's almost a combination of all 3. The ...
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Can asylum residents see in the dark?

In Outlast, there are patients and inmates in the asylum that are some of the main antagonists in the game. They are called the variants. During the game, there are scenes that they follow you in the ...
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Can the enemies see your camera light?

When in pitch black, can the enemies see the light from your camera if you have it pulled up?
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Is there any way to disable the film grain effect?

I understand that it's probably just there for the sake of making an atmosphere, but it just makes thing look bad in my opinion. I don't see any options to disable it from the games main menu.
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