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Questions tagged [overwatch-2]

The live-service sequel to Overwatch released in 2022. It replaces the original game, which is no longer available.

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2 votes
1 answer

When do Overwatch 2 daily challenges reset?

I thought there would be a given time when Overwatch 2 challenges reset for the day, but it isn't clear. It seems like the indicator counts down to GMT but the actual reset appears to happen earlier ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why does Sombra's Translocator only work sometimes?

I've recently been trying to use Sombras translocator, but for some reason I will throw it down, go push out in a fight, and then try to teleport back only to find that it's no longer available. Is ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Is it possible to view Career Profile information for Overwatch 2 only?

Overwatch 2's Career Profile page has brought over all old stats from the original Overwatch. Some things are bugged, like previous Competitive results, as my only recorded competitive seasons have ...
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10 votes
2 answers

What does MIT in Overwatch 2's scoreboard mean?

Below is a screencap of Overwatch 2's scoreboard. Each score is (assumingly) Elimination:Assist:Death, Damage, Healing. However, I don't get what does "MIT" mean here. For a moment I ...
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3 votes
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As a team, what is the best way to counter deflection/absorption abilities on the enemy team?

This is a rather frustrating problem to me -- how as a team, or perhaps even in individual roles can I take on heroes that have some core part of their kit around deflecting/absorbing damage, often ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Is it still possible to play Overwatch or are we forced to use Overwatch 2?

Just wondering is it still possible to play Overwatch or are we forced to use Overwatch 2? I just wanted to play the PvP mode.
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5 votes
2 answers

What constitutes a "save"?

Overwatch 2 now tracks a stat called "players saved", with a notification when you save someone (or when you get saved by someone else). However, with some exceptions, it's not entirely ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Overwatch 2 Tech Beta doesn't appear in Game Versions

I followed the instructions on Overwatch 2 open beta access. A short official version Detailed unofficial version I have the drop earned and claimed on my twitch account: But on the ...
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