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How do I unequip the Spectre Cloak?

The final item for collecting every Buccanary Coin is the Spectre Cloak, which powers up Otis's dash and spin attack. I want to disable the cloak effects, but I don't see an option to unequip it in ...
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Are any Buccanary coins or other collectibles permanently missable?

Are any Buccanary coins or other collectibles permanently missable in Owlboy?
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Would Geddy have reacted differently in Advent if I hadn't dropped him off a cliff?

During the attack on Advent, Otus rescues a prisoner with a broken leg. At first Geddy suggests that Otus should carry her to safety. However, in my playthrough Geddy quickly changed his mind... ...
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How do I get Geddy's old hat back?

The second item from the shop after collecting 500 coins is Geddy's old hat. I received the hat, but am no longer wearing it. Is there anyway to put it back on? It is not on my items screen, and ...
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What's with the dead end in the top right corner of Tropos?

There's this dead end at the top left of Tropos. You can only get there with the help of... However, once you do get up here — something you are clearly supposed to be able to do given the ring — …...
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