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A 2017 survival simulation game developed & published by Kiei Entertainment on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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Extra heat gets added out of nowhere when using Thermo Aquatuner

Problem Statement I decided to test my understanding of heat exchange and temperature handling in Oxygen Not Included. So I used Sandbox and Dev Mode to set up a simple heating loop and then tried to ...
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My duplicates aren't using my pitcher pump

I have a pitcher pump right above oil, but the duplicates won't use the pump to carry the oil over to a bottler with oil selected. I've checked priorities; however, nothing is working.
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Not all duplicants are getting their "downtime"

I have the default colony schedule for all duplicants which gives two time slots to "downtime", but some of the duplicants are not getting the "downtime" +1 buff. In fact, only 2 of my 8 duplicants ...
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