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A 2024 third-person action-adventure video game developed and published by Pocket Pair.

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Palworld pets go to sleep then never bother waking up again

So as the title says, my pals will go to sleep and then just not wake up the next day or after a "rest period". Its happening in all of my bases. If i pull them out and put them back in the ...
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How long does your dead body or excess pals stay in the world?

When you die, and are playing at a certain difficulty and settings, everything you are holding is dropped to the ground, usually right where you had died. This would leave an X marking where you died. ...
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Is it possible to breed pals that can produce alphas or other shinies?

Trying to breed some strong pals and any passive skill can be passed to the eggs and pal within. So I can have a pal with the Lucky passive skill by breeding a shiny with another, but it doesn't keep ...
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Where to find Wool on the ground?

Thinking about a pacifist and merchant-less run, I found one roll of Wool in the not-Hot places east of the Ancient Civilization Ruins. But I've been there 4 times and only seen it once, in one spot. ...
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Why should I want a larger Feed Bag?

One of the "Ancient Technologies" is a Feed Bag which allows you to put food in a special slot so you and your pals can eat it when hungry. This sounds good, at least I don't have to ...
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