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Is my controller broken or does Paper Mario naturally move up and down slowly?

I'm playing paper Mario on Wii Virtual console and when I move him up and down he's slow, moving right and left, as well as diagonals he moves just fine, and when I play Mario 64 on the same Wii and ...
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What does this text in the ice say?

I'm playing Paper Mario for the N64. Just got to Shiver City and I noticed the ice has text in it. What does this say? Is it documented anywhere?
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Stackable badges

In paper Mario What badges can be stacked with themselves to have double the effect? An example can be if I use 2 happy heart badges will I have it's effect twice as often? Please state witch will ...
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2 answers

When does Rowf's Badge Shop get new inventory?

How often (or under what conditions) does Rowf's Badge Shop in Toad Town get new or different badges? I'd hate to miss a great badge because I didn't visit the shop at the right time.
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Paper Mario best sidekick

I recently began playing Paper Mario on Nintendo 64, and I have gone through pretty much the entire game. Who would the most powerful sidekick be to use in the final levels? Right now I'm about to ...
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Emulation problems with Paper Mario

Has anyone successfully emulated PaperMario for N64? I'm using Project64 1.6 on Windows 7 Using Jabo's video plugin there is lots of flickering which was really annoying so I tried Glide64. Which ...
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Attaining 100% in SNES and N64 Mario Games

In Mario games on the GameCube (eg Mario Sunshine or Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door), it is possible to complete the game, beat the final boss, and attain 100% completion and save such that the ...
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