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How to read .rou files of autoroutes in patrician3?

I've been trying to read .rou files of saved autoroutes of Patrician III in order to automatically create complex trade routes without manually clicking hundreds times. Is there a way I can do that?
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In what order should trading centers be established in the campaign flying trader?

In the second campaign, the Flying Trader, the starting city is Luebeck. Beyond that, when expanding to other cities, should the focus be on fulfilling the Luebeck's needs, or should it be entirely ...
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4 votes
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How many trading centres and ships do I need?

Is there a good ratio for number of ships to trading centres during the different points of the game? I am trying to progress to Lord Mayor in Luebeck and have 5 trading centers at this point and a ...
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Is there any way to find the base prices for goods in Patrician III?

I'm just wondering if there is a list somewhere of the base prices used for the goods in Patrician III, so I know what to set as a reasonable auto-buy/sell rates for goods. As I play the game, it ...
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