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Questions tagged [peggle]

A puzzle game created by PopCap Games in which you shoot balls into a level filled with pegs. You finish a level by hitting all of the orange pegs.

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0 votes
1 answer

How many points do I need to earn an extra ball?

In Peggle Deluxe, if you score enough points on a single shot you are rewarded with an extra ball. How many points do you need to earn an extra ball?
7 votes
6 answers

Getting "Unable to load Steam.dll" when trying to load Peggle Extreme

I installed a game called Peggle Extreme, a free game in the Steam web store, but when I tried to play it, it gave me an error: Unable to load Steam.dll I do not have this issue with any other games....
7 votes
1 answer

How is the efficiency bonus calculated at the end of Adventure Mode in Peggle?

When you complete level 11-5 to finish Adventure Mode, in addition to the standard end-of-level scoring, you also get an efficiency bonus based on the number of retries you had. How is that bonus ...
15 votes
1 answer

How does Zen Ball work?

I've been playing Peggle for a very long time, but I still don't know everything there is to know about Zen ball (master hu). Here's what I know (or at least think I know). Feel free to correct any ...
4 votes
1 answer

How do I unlock the remaining challenge levels in Peggle for Android?

When I was looking at my Peggle stats on my Android phone, I saw that I'd completed 30 of 100 challenges ... but when I select Challenges from the main menu, I counted only 40 available. How do I ...