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a 2005 fantasy adventure MMO by Beijing Perfect World. Players are thrust into the mythical world of Pangu (which is based on Chinese Mythology), and choose a race and class each with their own unique traits. They can explore the world, meet new players, perform quests and join guilds.

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Why do I need to change my charactor name during a server merge? [closed]

I have played many on-line MMORPG games and almost all of them have, sooner or later, a server merge. Server merges are performed when (as people quit a game) specific servers have too few players and ...
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Approximately how often does PWE change specific lockbox type drops? (STO, Raiderz, etc...)

I read that in Star Trek: online and other Perfect World Entertainment titles, the lockboxes that drop (and require keys to open) change types every once in a while. Some people say it's with major ...
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How to use orbs in Perfect World International?

Does anybody know how to get dragon orbs and use them?
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Moneymaking in Perfect World International?

I like to play Perfect World International, but I'm not interested in spending real money on the game. How can I make "game money" easily without paying "real money" for it?
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What do i do with this 'Tag of Sharpness I' that I got in the beginning of the game

It says to redeem this at the mailbox but How do I use it to get the Perfect Military Magic sword. I just started Perfect World yesterday. I am only level 7 by the way.
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How many Pit Vipents do I need to kill to finish the Snake Hunt quest in Perfect World?

I'm trying to complete the Snake Hunt quest given by the Sentry outside Hidden Heroes Village. The quest is to kill as many Pit Vipents as you can in 30 minutes and report back. I found the spot to ...
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