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Questions related to gaming experience with regard to metrics like frames-per-second, video quality, audio-quality, network-latency, overheating etc. Could also be related to overclocking CPU/GPU and other hardware tweaks that affect these metrics.

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Why does GeForce Experience prefer 64-bit render targets OFF for max quality in SkyrimSE?

Regarding SkyrimSE, vanilla, when I crank GeForce Experience's (hereafter "GFE") optimization slider all the way to "quality," I would expect it to turn on anything that improves ...
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Does Optifine Make Minecraft Run Smoother Or Slower On A Low-End Gaming PC?

I have a pretty low-end PC that runs low-graphic games when it is having a good day (When it doesn't crash every two minutes). I recently downloaded Optifine, and after a bit of playing, I noticed ...
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Disabling out-of-map rendering in Rocket League

I am trying to play Rocket League on a core i7-4610m, 8gb RAM, and a SataIII SSD. I struggle to get 30 fps consistently at 720p. My display is 1080p. I have asked Psyonix, to no avail, to make a ...
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Does Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis run better on Xbox 360 or the Xbox?

I just bought Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis for my original Xbox, but it runs very slowly. If I were to buy an Xbox 360 and download the game on it, will it run better than it does on the original ...
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Is there a way to solve the laggy/stuttering battles?

In Rome 2: Total War, I often get a particular very annoying performance problem. When in battles, especially with larger numbers of units, sometimes the battle will "lag". By this I mean that all ...
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XPS (Extreme Memory Profile) causing Skyrim bug to speed-stutter

I just upgraded from an socket AM3 790FX X4 at 3.1GHz (max OC) to an FX8350 AM3+ / 990FX with a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard. I've kept the 2x4GB of G.Skill F3-17000CL11-4GBSR RAM from the AM3 ...
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FORTNITE: Always a connection error on the first try

Whenever I play FORTNITE (Battle Royale), it fails to join a game on the first try. On the second try, it succeeds. I get to the load screen, and the progress bar doesn't move. Finally, after a ...
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(Java Minecraft 1.14) Datapack scoreboard timer optimization?

Let's say that I have a scoreboard which acts as a timer for armorstands doing something. Every time an armorstand's value in the scoreboard gets to x (for now, let's say x = 20) the armor stand does ...
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Weird performance issue with Assassin's Creed on Laptop with GTX 1060

So I have bought a new laptop relatively recently: an Asus Rog GL502vm which has a GTX 1080, i5-7300hq, and 8GB of RAM. So I decided to put it through its passes, and installed Assassin's Creed ...
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Extreme Framedrops

Lately I got some heavy Framedrops wich make BF4 unplayable. Usually My Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X | i7 4770 run 100-100fps on HIGH settings, with drops downward to 60fps when there's much action. But ...
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Could the 5:4 aspect ratio of my monitor affect videogames performance?

For starters I would like to mention my PC's specs: OS: Windows 7 64 bit CPU: AMD FX 6350 3.9GHz RAM: Dual Channel 6GB 1333MHz HDD: 500GB SATA III MOBO: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 GPU: Radeon HD 6750 I have ...
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Performance Issue when playing Rage

I recently installed rage on my PC, expecting to run smoothly after i played it on a less powerful pc having a decent FPS, BUT! Here comes the plot twist, because after I start a new game, (the pre-...
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Really weird performance issues Minecraft Java Edition

First off, I am using a really old macbook pro from 2012 with a core i5 2nd generation which is really old, but I got some pleasant results. (This isn't my main PC; it's just an old laptop.) What I ...
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How can i improve the performance of redpower frame tubes?

Now that this question was answered and my horizontal redpower quarry is working, i feel it needs improvement because whenever i turn the switch for the 5000+ block breakers, two things happen: a ...
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