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A 2D fighting game by Arc System Works set in the universe of Atlus' popular RPG game, Persona 4.

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Persona 4 Arena to Ultimax save games

Is there any carry-over of save games between the original Persona 4 Arena and Person 4 Arena Ultimax? Asking because I have the original on 360 and have ordered Ultimax on PS3 and I'm wondering if I ...
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Is the Amagi Challenge no.18 bugged?

I'm trying to get past Yukiko Amagi's challenges, but I'm stuck at challenge no.18. The combo I need to perform is: Standing C Crouching C Agi (quarter circle down-forward + A) Agidyne (...
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How can I convert a save file for a retail game into a save file for the digital version of the same game?

I bought Persona 4 Arena for the PS3 back in August and logged dozens of hours in the game in order to to unlock all the single player content. Two weeks ago, I decided to buy the digital version ...
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Will the save file for the retail version of Persona 4 Arena work with the digital version?

I’m planning to get the “Ultimate Edition” from PSN that includes all the DLC. However, will the save file for my retail copy work on this version?
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What is PSR and how does it work?

I know those points are tied to ranked matches as you cannot earn then by playing player matches only. Still, sometimes I will earn between 4-6 when defeating opponents and lose between 0-2 in the ...
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How can I unlock the hidden Navigators?

In Persona 4: Arena, there are six Navigators (essentially, announcer voice packs) that are available as optional paid DLC. In the Marketplace description for all six DLC items, however, it states ...
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