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Questions tagged [persona-5]

A 2016 role-playing game, developed and published by ATLUS for Playstation 3 and 4. Similar to other games in the Persona series, the player controls an unnamed high school-age protagonist over the course of a full calendar year, balancing time between school, friends, and stealing hearts from people whose desires have become distorted. Use this tag for the PS3 or PS4 version of the game.


How do I kill the Reaper?

In previous Persona titles, a certain enemy appears when you spend too long on one floor of a dungeon. The enemy is called the Reaper. It's level 99 and is intended to be able to kill your entire ...

Is it possible to go out after going to the Metaverse?

After exploring the Metaverse, I'm too exhausted to do anything, meaning I can't do anything that night. The later Palaces ramp up in difficulty quite a bit, so I've found myself spending more days in ...